Competition Rules And Regulations

General Information
1.1 All matches of a tournament are held online.
1.2 Tournament battles should be played on the last released official version of the game "Panzar".
1.3 Each participant of a tournament must strictly obey the rules of the Game.
1.4 It is allowed to change the teams' line-ups - both during tournaments and between them. During one tournament each character can be listed as a member of only one team. That is, the player does not have the right to switch from one team to another without
changing the character, from the beginning to the end of the tournament.
1.5 The administration reserves the right to change the rules without notice. All additions and changes to the rules come into effect at the moment of their publication on the game official site
1.6 The administration reserves the right to change the terms and time scales of the tournament. Teams must independently monitor changes in the schedule of a tournament, learning about time of their games in advance.
1.7 The minimum requirements for teams to participate in a tournament are indicated in the game client, in the description of each particular tournament. If a team does not meet the minimum requirements, it is automatically withdrawn from the tournament.
1.8 Points are earned for each tournament. 
100 points: the first place in the tournament; 
80 points: the second place in the tournament; 
60 points: the third and fourth places in the tournament; 
40 points: the fifth - the eighth place in the tournament.

If you delete or disband the team, all earned points will be erased.
Format of the Tournament

2.1 Each tournament is played through the playoff system. A participating team leaves a tournament after the first loss (following the results of one game or a series of several games between two participants, which makes it possible to unambiguously determine the winner).
2.2 The tournament grid is determined by drawing lots and cannot be changed at the request of the participants.
2.3 Official tournament maps: Dwarven Quarry, Siege Of the Swamp Fort, Alchemists'Citadel, Orc Burgwall, Expanse Of Mists, Cannibal Stronghold, Iron Path, Meteor Hunt, Sandstorm Temple, Orc Shrine, Arena Of the Warlords, Toxic Bay, Cursed Altar, Elven Pier, Kromholm Mines, Snake Island Monastery, The Dragon Rock Palace, Kromm's Treasury.
Technical difficulties

3.1 Full responsibility for the technical condition of the participant computer, as well as peripheral devices, is taken by the participant of the tournament.
3.2 Full responsibility for the quality of communication and the connection stability is taken by the participant of the tournament.
3.3 The tournament provider is fully responsible for the stability of the game servers.
3.4 Replaying is possible only in case of technical problems on the game servers and cannot be assigned due to automatic disqualification of teams. 
3.5 In case of technical problems or problems with network access to the game servers, the administration reserves the right to postpone or cancel the tournament completely.
4.1 The prize is given to the winner team captain, who distributes it among the players at his/her own discretion. Prize crystals are received by all team members indicated in the application of the winning team captain.
4.2 To receive prize crystals, the captain must send a letter to, stating: Full name of the tournament; the clan and team names; the place taken in the tournament or the stage at which the team dropped out; List of characters', as well as the number of crystals that must be credited to each of them.


Winter Battle  21.13.2025
Clan 1, Team 2
Took part in quarter-finals

300 crystals
Character name 1
Character name 2
100 crystals
Character name 3
25 crystals
Character name 4

Please, follow the similar formatting of the text. This will significantly accelerate the receipt of the award by your team.

4.3 Awarding takes place within 15 working days after the administration receives all necessary information from the winner teams.

5.1 For any replacements in the team and/or re-entering the same character before capturing the first control point on any "King of the Hill" or "Mechanism" maps, the team is disqualified and removed from the tournament.
5.2 For using the interaction of characters not provided by the game mechanics to access certain sections of map (for example a dwarf jumps on the shoulders of an orc, and the orc throws the dwarf to some hard-to-reach place.), the team is disqualified and removed from the tournament.
5.3 The team is disqualified and removed from the tournament for using bugs with game collisions in order to receive any personal gain and advantage, unintended by game mechanics. If a character is "stuck" under the game collisions, the player must immediately use the "Suicide" option in the main menu.
5.4. In case of violation of subsection 1.4 of "Competition Rules and regulations", all the results and winnings of the liable team are
Grievance Procedures

6.1 All claims concerning violation of the game rules and/or tournament rules are accepted only in writing - please send them to:
6.2 In case of any disputes, the final decision remains with the administration.
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