The Unity Cup 22.06

6/18/2014 12:22 PM 0/2
Panzarians of Europe, join together now. You will fight in teams of 4 with a player from each race! It will take place on Sunday 22 June at 20.00 CET. Don't forget to register before Thursday 19 June at 23.59 CET.

Marathon Tournament Night Winners

6/6/2014 11:45 AM 0/0
Marathon tournament night once again on the PANZAR servers. We had the best of the best facing off in two distinct categories to claim some serious crystals. 666 Tournament was already in its second round, collecting the champions of mid-level matches, while top players locked horns in the Earn Your Gold League.

666 Tournament

5/26/2014 4:06 PM 0/0
Relax! The «6.6.6. Tournament» has nothing to do with the infamous number of the Beast or any other satanic mysteries - because there is no Satan in the universe of Panzar! We do have some unpleasant deities but they mostly don’t give a crap about numbers or beasts. In the Argus dreamscape, there is only one who can count, add and multiply, it’s Krom!

Winners of Mayhem 2

5/23/2014 4:01 PM 0/0
Mayhem returned last night with 7 clans and their 11 teams ready to battle to the death for those precious crystals. While the new champions are still finding their feet at the top of this tough world, our regulars camped out and held top spots. They met every opponent with as much ferocity as they could muster...

Mayhem Tournament 22.05

5/20/2014 6:23 PM 0/0
Mayhem Returns for all the top players! Registrations are open and it's time to show Zar who's boss. He was unseasonally generous in the last tournament and turned a blind eye to tournament rule offenses - but no more!

Mayhem Tournament 15.05

5/14/2014 5:11 PM 0/0
We are giving players the chance to win enough crystals to upgrade and/or maintain their premium for weeks to come!

Spring Tournament Winners

5/8/2014 5:06 PM 0/0
That's it. Spring is quickly being overcome by summer. It is only right that the Spring Tournaments should be replaced too - and so, it is with great pleasure and regret that we, the whole Panzar Crew, congratulate the winners of this final round.

Last Spring Tournament

5/5/2014 3:53 PM 0/3
Registrations for the Last Spring Tournament are open. It looks Armada, Lunastra and Exclusive are in it for the win and are not going to give up their top spots! Zar demands to see new champions, so for one final time, he will offer Panzarians the chance to win a part of the 13,000 crystal jackpot.
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