Guess Where Contest - Starting - 23rd Apr

4/23/2018 9:00 AM

Here we have a new game I will post 4 puzzle pieces, on Monday at a random time between 20:00-23:00 CET or 1 pm-4 pm CDT.
I would like to receive screenshots where that pieces would fit.

To be sure of getting a price, speed is of the essence the first one to post all 4 screenshots gets 100 crystals. 2 random chosen participants with the correct screenshots will also receive 100 crystals each.

- Get the 4 screenshots
- The detail shown in the puzzle piece must be visible
- You char, skill-bar and map timer do NOT count.
- When you post a screenshot the MAP name is your reply
- Start of the contest when the post comes visible
- End of the contest is 4 days after the post.

PS: All pic have been taken in private clan battles on High Quality and with max zoom in on char. 
Speed is of the essence I'm not looking for quality. Find the approximate location I was standing and take a screenshot so the elements are in the screen.

1) if you have all 4 screenshots you post a comment and must be like this: I have all 4 - <Your Character Name> DO NOT ADD the SCREENSHOT YET.
2) For every screenshot you now need to reply on your own comment text text needs to be the MAP Name and add 1 screenshot every time.
3) The posting time of your last screenshot will be your contest time.

It Should look like this
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