Customization: Looks like not two looks are alike

4/10/2018 8:00 AM

Customization in Panzar deals with a huge number of elements. All fragments of armor and weapons are displayed on a character. But, if that’s not enough, then there is always an opportunity to dress and paint your character exactly the way you want: choose freely from the long list of customization features that includes more than 200 different items.

Costumes change completely the appearance of your character without affecting any combat parameters. Each thematic set consists of four elements: a hat, a weapon, a banner and a costume. All elements of different sets are combined with each other and can be painted. Witch hunter armed with an anchor or, perhaps, an old sea dog with a chain sword? Everything is possible.

Trophies are special items that can be found in chests and hanged on a character’s belt. They have an exclusively decorative function, do not affect any parameters of your warrior or give any advantages, except for improved, stylish appearance and, of course, some enemies’ envy.

Thrones provide a great opportunity to comfortably inspect the battlefield and also to clearly demonstrate to all the allies around, who is the real war chief here, whose advice and directions will definitely transform that disorganized crowd to a real battle detachment confidently marching to victory.

How to become the owner of such unlimited power? The answer is simple - Chests and Keys. Hats, costume sets, banners and talismans - everything that has something to do with the customization of a character’s image, you will find in chests, caskets and boxes. Combine those elements, paint them in the colors you like and go face your next adventure.

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