E-sport - Challenge everything

4/10/2018 7:00 AM

Panzar is always a competition, always a fight, always a victory or a defeat. There is an elaborate, perfectly balanced tournament system in the game. It's time to try it out: in May, the first E-sport Panzar tournament will be held, the winners of which are going not only to write their names in the history of American Panzar but are also going to receive impressive prizes and memorable gifts.

A tournament, especially so significant, is always not only about entertainment but also about responsibility. Opponents are unlikely to give you any second chances and streams and live broadcasts will deliver every hit and every miss to a great lot of enthusiastic spectators. So start preparing now: gather your teams, distribute roles and responsibilities, train, consider different tactics and hone your skills to automatism. Remember: everyone can be a winner - in Panzar E-sport all have equal chances.

Here are some simple but important rules. Just bear them in mind. One can participate in a tournament only as a member of a team. To create a team, all its members must be in the same clan. There can be more than one team in a clan. Any team can challenge other teams to conduct training matches. Teams of the same clan can challenge each other.
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