Big Start in USA

4/10/2018 2:00 PM

Welcome, fellow adventurers!

The world of Panzar opened its doors to Americans. For the first time after several years of development, we are proud to present you with fierce team-based PvP and PvE battles, as well as intense E-sport tournaments. Decide whether you’ll use brute force, sophisticated mechanisms, powerful magic or will be in charge of allies’ health and well-being.

Create your own unique characters, develop and equip them as you like. Trade or upgrade weapons and armor any time between battles, find new friends or reconnect with the old ones! Gather teams, participate in tournaments, develop unique tactics and strategies for each of the game modes, create your own clans and fight shoulder to shoulder to reach victory!

Dynamic battles with a non-target combat system, outcome of which depends only on players’ skills, make every fight an unforgettable experience. Coordinate your actions with teammates so No Power in the Verse Can Stop you.

Panzar is a multiplayer session-based team action with a third person perspective, set in an original fantasy world where players fight each other on a variety of scenic PvP locations or go adventuring on vast, procedurally generated PvE maps.
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