VIP & Hireling with 50% discount

1/22/2018 12:00 PM 0/0
As we all know, war is peace and discounts are... on schedule. The next special has already started in PANZAR - a 50% discount on VIP accounts and Hirelings. This is the best opportunity to provide your characters with the fastest possible ascent to military Olympus (it's about the 30th level if you extract all the pathos from the phrase) with minimum expenses: VIP account speeds up the experience gaining and provides a warrior with a large set of resources, and Hirelings are ready to send unfortunate characters into battle even when you are away from your PC. Don't miss it!

[Revolt] - HIGH reVOLTAGE Tournament

1/19/2018 6:06 PM 0/0
PANZAR: REVOLT beta test is in full swing: players destroy each other anddevelopers destroy bugs just as mercilessly. Obviously, it's time to organize an official tournament under the project. So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome -The first "HIGH reVOLTAGE" tournament will be held on January 28, 17:00 CET. Winners will not only write their names in history but also receive impressive prizes: 6,000 crystals for the first place, 4000 crystals for the second, 2000 crystals for the third and fourth places and 1000 crystals for the places from the fifth to the eighth. We are waiting for all of you! Get ready, friends, it's going to be catastrophically hot! 

Free LineUp

1/16/2018 12:00 PM 0/0
More tournaments for the Tournament God! He's completely doughmouthed after the long holidays because of a lack of fresh blood. He's hungry. He's waiting. And the next Thursday, January 18, at 19:00 CET, we will host the first tournament this year - "Free LineUp". According to the new rules, every tournament of 8X8 format will bring rating points to the participants - what those are and what they are for, you can read here. Awards will remain traditionally generous: 4000 crystals for the first place, 2000 crystals for the second place and 1000 crystals for the two teams that will step down in the semifinals. We are not waiting for anyone - teams that do not meet the minimum requirements of the tournament by 19:00 CET on January 18, will not be allowed to participate.

All for battle with 50% discount

1/15/2018 12:00 PM 0/0
The coming year is constantly gaining momentum, darkness is giving way to light, winners are changing places with the defeated. And only one thing remains unchanged - specials from Panzar Studio! 50% discounts for armor, weapons, runes and elixirs are already active in the game. Log in and see for yourself! Don't miss the opportunity to provide your characters with everything necessary to travel the Path of the Warrior to the very end!

Gold Rush

1/10/2018 2:00 PM 0/0
New Year has come, Christmas trees are burning away with the remains of holidays but PANZAR continues to give gifts to players - the first special of 2018 is already going! Gold coins and Lucky Horseshoes are available with a 50% discount! Enter the game right now and use the unique opportunity to maximally improve the outfit of your characters at half the price. And then - onwards, into battle, win new victories in the new year!

Happy New Year! Discount 50% for everything

12/26/2017 5:00 PM 0/0
Alarm! Holidays are within shooting distance and cannot be ignored anymore. Well, Panzar Studio wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! With your help, friends, we have achieved a lot in the past twelve months and, no doubt, will do even more in the future. We wish you good speed and good luck! Let you find most necessary and most pleasant gifts under the New Year Tree, and not some blasted Free Mechanics (it's not a slander, we really know something about it). On our part - a small New Year gift: a 50% discount on everything that can be purchased in the game shop. Spend holidays winning! See you next year!

Panzar Revolt - Join Beta Now!

12/22/2017 6:00 PM 0/12
Panzar Studio proudly presents the next stage of its legendary project - PANZAR: REVOLT! We invite everyone to participate in the Big Open Beta Test of the most complete version of the game and find out all its advantages.

Here one can download the new version of the game, and here - register an account. We appreciate every feedback, every opinion - so, do not miss your chance to take part in the creation of the future PANZAR!

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Gold Rush 19.12.2017

12/19/2017 12:00 PM 0/0
Gold likes lucky ones. And Lady Luck smiles only at those who have gold coins in their purses. But in PANZAR it's possible now to break this vicious circle - there is a 50% discount for in-game gold coins and Lucky Horseshoes! Log in the game and provide your characters with the best possible outfit at half price! In a real champion everything should be fine: both armor and shoes, and gauntlets, and pants.

Chests and keys with 50% discount

12/12/2017 12:00 PM 0/0
A simple puzzle, ladies and gents: keys, chests and discounts - what is odd in this set? Don't you worry, the correct answer is that everything is in its proper place. Because there is a new special in PANZAR  - 50% discount on chests and keys for them! Come into the game right now and dress your characters at the highest level. A unique appearance will allow them to stay in the memory of defeated enemies and saved comrades for a long time! Win stylishly and uniquely - only in PANZAR!

VIP&Hireling with 50% discount

12/5/2017 12:00 PM 0/0
Finish the year with maxed-out heroes! Nothing can be easier when the first winter discounts are already running in PANZAR - 50% for VIP account and Hireling. Do not waste any time, use this opportunity to speed up the development of your characters. It's not at all necessary to sit by the computer in order to reach the needed level - visit PANZAR only to win!
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