Storm to Breeze Season and Darkness to Light Season

3/20/2015 11:17 AM 0/0

Winter Storm and Darkness has come to pass, we survived these hard times. Spring is here and change up the names a little.

General, Commander, Captains and Clan Leader build your teams strong because more is coming, Spring renews the fights.

Have Fun !!

Storm to Breeze for lvl 20 to 30

Prize pool of 11000 crystals every week.

Darkness to Light for lvl 15 to 24
Prize pool of 4400 crystals + 16x 7d VIP every week.

Forum What Is Missing Contest

3/13/2015 6:47 PM
You have shown that you can find the exact location and take and really, really decent screenshot. The 4 god challenge you to add speed in posting your result. They have chosen 4 location and show you only one piece of the puzzle. Find the missing pieces. This time speed it important and NOT precision. Find the location where the piece would fit take a screenshot, then post all 4 of these screenshot in a post like on Forum.

Crystal rewards 500/300/100 for fastest 3.

New European Community Manager

3/6/2015 11:51 AM 0/3
We are pleased to inform the community that White Wolf has accepted to be the new European Community Manager, White Wolf has been assisting Panzar Studio sins previous CM came to work with us and has continued after that administration was not available. He has been working himself into the job and has learned the parts that are needed to do the job.  

Maintenance 10.02.2015

2/6/2015 2:46 PM 0/6
Attention! On the nearest Tuesday, 10th of February, we will stop PANZAR servers for a scheduled maintenance. To prevent any possible speculation: there will be no updates on Monday, all working issues planned are of technical nature and will serve as a first step to great changes in the future. We apologize for any possible inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Stay tuned!

Where Was I Contest

1/19/2015 7:00 AM 0/0
All 4 god have been wondering how well you know the maps, they have chosen 3 location and presented a pic of those locations, you need to find these locations and take a screenshot, then post all 3 of these screenshot in a post like below.

Crystal rewards 500/300/100 for top-3.

Winter Storms Series - lvl 20 - 30

1/12/2015 7:00 AM
Next Tournament Series is called Winter Storms. Let have some glorious Battles.

Prize pool of 11000 crystals every week.

1st Place team will take home 4000 crystals
2nd Place team will take home 3000 crystals
3th/4th Place teams will take home 2000 crystals each.

Winter Darkness Series - lvl 15 - 24

1/12/2015 6:00 AM
Next Tournament Series is called Winter Darkness. Lets have some glorious Battles.

Prize pool of 4400 crystals + 16x 7d VIP every week.

1st Place team will take home 1600 crystals + 8x 7d VIP
2nd Place team will take home 1200 crystals + 8x 7d VIP
3th/4th Place teams will take home 800 crystals each.

Happy New Year!

12/30/2014 12:01 PM 0/10
Dear friends!
We've spent another year together and are going to enter the next one, 2015. Thank you for being there, for useful feedback and sincere support, for playing PANZAR! Great changes are coming, but fear not: their aim is to make our beloved PANZAR even more spectacular, challenging and attractive! The greatest battles wait ahead. 
Panzar Studio team wish you a happy New Year, wonderful holidays, countless victories both on virtual battlefields and in real life! Let all your hopes and dreams come true! See you in 2015 - stay tuned!

Update №36: Chimera's Awekening

12/15/2014 1:39 PM 0/17
The Update №36 has been successfully installed, "Chimera's Awakening" is already gaining momentum! The Faceless Goddess waits for you in her grim Throne Chamber. Set off on a long and dangerous journey through the brand new PvE map "Chimera Gardens".
Try Eternal Elixirs and unique decorative hats, enter into cooperation with a hireling who will level your characters while you are away. Discuss all that and many other new topics on the official forum, as usual - we are waiting for your feedback and opinions. The work is not over and the most interesting things are yet to come. Play PANZAR, friends!
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