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23.04.2014 10:31 0/0

We are now into our third chapter of the awesome Epic Weapons story of days to come. We have let you in on some of the secrets surrounding these mysterious weapons and now it’s time to reveal the two remainings classes of Epics. You’ve seen what we have in store for the Orcs and the Men, so let’s bring out the Elves and the Dwarves.

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17.04.2014 14:34 0/0

Now that we have unveiled at least some of the coming epics, it’s time to answer some of those more technical questions the top Panzarians have been asking us!

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17.04.2014 10:49 0/0

Our awesome Plantronics contest has been closed, 181 000 tickets were forged and the winners announced. Only a lucky few would be randomly picked during our live stream to recieve one of the fifteen unbelievable headsets up for grabs.

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15.04.2014 15:09 0/0

Tournament season is in full swing so sharpen swords and cork your potions. Your opponents are feisty veterans and they are not ready to let go of their chance to win a share of the 13,000 crystal jackpot.

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15.04.2014 14:37 0/0

PANZAR has lined up some ultimate Epic weapons for our players. Some lucky Panzarians have already caught a glimpse of these mythical mouldings of power, and for the others, it’s finally time to see what they look like. 

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14.04.2014 17:42 0/0

The Plantronics Contest is now closed and you only have a few days left to craft your tickets - but the future holds great prospects! You could be one of the lucky winners and collect one of these awesome headset prizes.

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08.04.2014 14:08 0/0

It's time for the third of the Spring Tournaments. Can anyone detrone the almighty ArmadA clan? Who will claim this week's random 1,000 crystals? Anything is possible in the dreamscape of Argus. Register now!

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01.04.2014 11:50 0/0

It’s time for some epic spring cleaning in the PANZAR locker room. For all Panzarians out there, this also means an absolutely Epic Spring Sale Bonanza. And we promise you, this is no April Fool, we are totally serious!

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01.04.2014 11:43 0/0

According to ancient Elven tradition, each newly-elected Mother-Prioress of every monastery must marry – and during each wedding, there is a contest opposing great mages and warriors. However, the many cataclysms of PANZAR had left the world destitute of worthy male Elves. That’s why the Two-Headed God created the Great Race Tournament.


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28.03.2014 15:11 0/0

The first round of the Spring Tournament has already past but there was not a rusty sword among the participants who made it through the hardest part - our tournament system. 

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